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Misty Mountain Resource Recovery is the current project proposed for the Sevier County, Tennessee landfill. The primary revenue is generated from the tipping fees associated with various waste streams. Other commodities including chemicals, metals, aggregate, ceramics, etc. are also converted from MMRR’s waste stream.

Flexibility forms our competitive edge.

The gasification system is sealed and operated below atmospheric pressure to prevent emissions of process gases. These systems designed with energy production in mind purposely recover the synthesis gas (syngas) generated by the gasification of the organic compounds. The syngas, composed primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, can be combusted in a boiler to make steam, or combusted in a gas turbine to make electricity, or reacted with to make chemicals such as methanol, ethanol, butanol, diesel, naphtha, etc. Our CTCC technology - Continuous Thermal Chemical Conversion - provides the most versatile and cost-effective method of dealing with the greatest variety of waste: organic, inorganic, hazardous, radioactive, mixed, liquid, or solid, converting the liability of waste to assets.

M.M.R.R. History, Assets with Vision

Hydrocore’s "CTCC" technology offers a unique solution to industry and municipalities interested in converting waste to energy. Design advantages of Hydrocore’s system compared to other thermal processing systems are highlighted below:

  • Energy Efficiency

Approximately 95% of electrical energy supply is transferred directly to the material to be treated during steady-state operations, compared to 65%-75% heat transfer in most plasma torch systems. Additionally, the melt chamber is operated at lower temperatures compared to indirect convection heating used in other plasma torch melters.

  • Minimum Downtime- No Torch Replacement

Typical plasma torch systems require down-time when torch electrodes need to be replaced, reducing effective operating capacity and requiring costly re-powering of the system following each shut-down. In contrast, the Hydrocore system’s graphite electrodes are designed to be continuously fed as needed, requiring no down time.

  • Reliable System

No Cooling Water - No Plasma Gas – With Hydrocore's CTCC technology, no cooling water is required in the melter, eliminating the need for evaporative cooling equipment and systems, and associated expensive power supply. These design safety features are key to stable operations eliminating issues with gas or water leaks while reducing process costs.

Aerial View
  • Feedstock Process Optimization

The feed-stream staging and preparation of material is a continuous feed process, requiring limited sorting while reacting to the material input in real time.

  • Construction Product Castings

The high temperatures in the submerged arc furnace produce a homogeneous, molten slag to be cast as high-value paving bricks, flagstones & other products.

What We Stand to Gain

  • 1) A Better View

    It's all about zero waste to landfill.

  • 2) Jobs

    What a great job. Reclaiming landfill and making the world a better place.

  • 3) Liquid Fuels

    Energy stability and refining support from disposed resources.

  • 4) Commodities

    Useful products contributing to the local and global economy.

  • 5) Elimination of Landfills

    It's all about reducing pollution.