The Hydrocore management team is comprised of a well-known, high quality and world-class group of plasma knowledgeable managers, business executives, technicians, and scientists. The core senior management staff has an average of 30 years of corporate, program and project management experience. Management members hold over 200 U.S. and foreign patents. A significant number of the Management Team holds multiple advanced degrees. Along with these credentials management team members have technical and craft experts in all applicable areas of manufacturing, assembly and construction.

Tom Eddy, P.E. (ret) PhD, Chief Technology Officer is the Hydrocore inventor and principal shareholder and received his B.S.M.E., M.S.M.E., and the Ph.D. degrees from the University of Minnesota. He has been principal investigator or Technical Leader on research and development projects sponsored by the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, the State Universities, and the Bureau of Mines totaling more than $15,000,000 before joining Hydrocore Incorporated in April 2010. He has also consulted with several corporations and law firms. He is the author or co-author of more than 200 published papers and reports appearing in prestigious technical publications, a patent holder in plasma and material applications, and has directed conference proceedings.

Through the National Laboratory System, Dr. Eddy was Technical Leader of Plasma Processing in the Materials Technology section and directed integrated technical aspects of plasma destruction of hazardous wastes, where he developed an expertise in the manufacture and materials science of plasma arc systems and glass-ceramics for the stabilization of hazardous materials. His major activities at Hydrocore are to promote the design, integration and implementation of plasma arc melter treatment systems for industrial hazardous waste, municipal solid waste, hospital waste and power plant waste.

Carl Raff, President, Chief Development Officer and board member responsible for executive management, strategic planning and project development, including the MMRR Project in Sevier County. Carl assists energy and clean technology clients worldwide. Carl previously founded two successful real estate development companies that were ultimately sold to public companies. His project development and construction management experience includes large industrial and commercial projects for TRW, Motorola, and Hughes Aircraft. Carl has previous banking, consulting and investment experience with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. Carl received his executive MBA from Pepperdine University and both finance and engineering undergraduate degrees from the University of Colorado, College of Architectural, Environmental and Civil Engineering.

Lora Feng, Executive Vice President leads all partnership development activities including sales and marketing for material supply contracts and product sales, and manages strategic investors relations. Lora is CEO of LFI Solutions, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in US-China cross border business strategies and solutions. She has been advising clients in both countries on market entry strategies, joint venture, licensing, and acquisitions across multiple industries including renewable energy, and environmental solutions. She has successfully assisted her clients in entering new markets, and closed transactions in hundreds of millions. Lora previously worked for Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan Chase, AT&T and Colgate-Palmolive in product management and marketing capacity, and created over 50 new products, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenue.


The Hydrocore Technical Management Team (“TMT”) includes a group of knowledgeable managers, technicians and scientists. The TMT has decades of corporate, program and project management experience with technical and craft expertise in all applicable areas of manufacturing, assembly and construction. The Management Team is responsible for the design, equipment selection, installation, logistics, and maintenance of new facilities and new construction.

Brian Raivo P.E. is VP of Engineering for Hydrocore and responsible for design of the melter, tapping devices and electro drive components. Brian is currently a consultant to the Idaho National Lab and previously worked with Tom Eddy at MeltTran as chief engineer and VP of Research and Development.

Nick Soelberg, M.S. Ch. E. is a consultant to Hydrocore. Nick is classified as a Consulting Engineer at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and has performed technical project management and engineering for (a) thermal treatment of hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes, and (b) air pollution control system design, performance evaluation, and monitoring. Nick has expertise in process design, testing, evaluation, sampling, and analysis, for waste incinerators, electric arc furnaces, and other thermal processes, with which expertise he is assisting in the conceptual design of the MMRR plant.

Gary Anderson is VP of Power for Hydrocore and responsible for design of main power and co- generation power options, instrumentation and controls. Gary’s experience also includes evaluating waste treatment service supplier’s technical and business capabilities, developed procurement technical statements of work and decision bases, and provided direct technical support to DOE/INL for selection and deployment of private sector waste management treatment technologies and services.

Tom Meyer Ph.D is a consultant to Hydrocore and previously developed the Westinghouse Electric MARC 11 plasma torch into a configuration highly compatible with commercial applications and units were sold around the world. Tom is an expert in heat transfer and thermodynamics, worked with ALCOA for many years as a project manager, and has extensive experience in casting processes.


The Hydrocore Advisory Committee are individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills to support the Board of Directors and increase the Board’s effectiveness.

John Mark Bardsfield, Hydrocore Founder and majority shareholder is trained in both physics and entrepreneurialism in the Masters programs at the University of Tennessee and worked with professors and Oak Ridge National Lab scientists to integrate team members and technologies. Since 1998 he has conducted independent research at UT and ORNL, specifically in energy technologies, and is the Hydrogen Economy Co-chair of the East Tennessee Clean Fuel Coalition, a DOE national Clean Cities program.

Charles W. Snyder is currently the managing partner of Professional Infrastructure Consulting Services which provides project planning and development, project finance, investment and management services to support power, infrastructure and energy projects on a global basis. Charlie’s previous experience includes the Bechtel Group, where he served as VP of Bechtel Financial Services. Mr. Snyder has served as a director on a number of Boards including Global Capital Group, Peabody Holding Company, Duel Drilling Company and Blue Mountain Mineral Company.

David C. Loring is the current CEO and founder of GTL Solutions of America. David built the first Gas to Liquid plant in the Western Hemisphere and patented a technology to convert unused, undervalued methanol plants into GTL plants, thereby generating GTL early cash flow with higher returns and lower capital costs. His previous experience includes advice and counsel as a senior attorney for Atlantic Richfield and counsel for Latin American affairs for General Motors.